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The original! This is kino's "85% of what Arashi does is worksafe fetish fuel" appreciation blog.
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Aiba’s Train Conductor Debut..

Although he was not confident with his self he came with his high tension. When he was asked to start doing his job and do the announcement, he said that “The nervousnes is the same level as Tokyo Dome”…His smile is so cute when he said this(*^_^*).. Can’t believe how can someone looks so cool in that uniform!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

A brief info about Aiba in Touhoku..

p/s: Sho-chan’s smile when he watch Aiba’s VTR as a bonus~

Apparently I don’t have a tag for uniforms, but I think cosplay works. :D

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its a sweet potato they said

don’t fuckin think like that they said

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Aesthetically pleasing arms and hands anyone?


Aesthetically pleasing arms and hands anyone?

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Anonymous asked: Does Nino being pampered count as a kink/fetish? Because seriously, every time I look, it seems he's made me interested in things I never thought I would be. OTL


It absolutely does!

What a coincidence; Every Time I Look, It Seems Nino Has Made Me Interested In Things I Never Thought I Would Be is the title of my memoir. That dude really is magic.

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I’ve been waiting forever for this post.

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